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The company Advecoplas was founded as the spin-off of Masaryk University, Czech Republic with the goal of commercialisation of newly patented plasma technology invented at the university’s R&D centre CEPLANT. The invention is currently protected by the Czech patent since 2016 and it has already successfully passed the PCT search for the protection in other European and non-European countries. Advecoplas gained the exclusive licence from Masaryk University for this technology and its applications.


Company Advecoplas owns the exclusive licence to the plasma technology – rotating gliding arc, developed at university. The wide range of the technology applications is determined by the unique technology features.


The environmentally friendly and economically favorable cold-plasma processes for cleaning of waste air or surface treatment of liquids, powders or rigid materials that comes up with the added value for your business.


The innovation idea of direct plasma cleaning of industrial waste air has been already awarded by the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission within the framework Horizon 2020 and its prestigious SME Instrument (Phase 1).

Plasma treatment
of large volume gases

Unique Technology

Electric arc is one of the best known and earliest industrially used plasma sources. It’s powerful enough to weld the steel and was formerly used as a high power lighting source. Gliding arc retains the power of arc plasma, but moderates its temperature to enable processing of materials with lower melting point. However, the classical gliding arc has a limited gas/material throughput resulting in low processing efficiency. Our patent protected innovation to gliding arc technology stands in the adaptation of gliding arc technology for high efficiency, huge volumes processing due to innovative approach of active gas/material transport into the dense plasma zone, where it is processed. That’s the rotating gliding arc (RGA).


The RGA plasma generated from air does not need or use the harsh chemicals for processing. The physico-chemically active environment in the plasma consists of electrons and reactive species.

Low cost

The operating costs are reduced due to the lack of special gasses needs. The power consumption is 3 kWh / 1000 cubic meters. There is high cost efficiency - treatment of 2400 cubic meters of gas costs 1 EUR.


The RGA technology is with no doubts a high-tech performer, but from its beginnings it has been developed with harsh environment/operating conditions in mind using robust and tough components.

High efficiency

The RGA plasma source used for gas remediation, offers high efficiency of pollutants conversion (60-99% of VOC at single stage operation) and high throughput (thousands of cubic meters per hour).


In principle the rotating gliding arc plasma technology is an "on/off" gadget. Our goal is the completely integrated plug-and-play industrial device with no-or-minimal demands on technical skills of the operator.


The design of RGA plasma unit is compatible with current conventional gas remediation systems requiring virtually only some tens of centimeters of existing gas pipe to be replaced by our compact plasma unit.

Our story

Since 2015, when the first laboratory tests were carried out, the rotating gliding arc technology has been developed into the prototype device for plasma treatment of gas volumes in amount of 1500 cubic meters per hour. Nowadays, the technology is being developed and implemented within two national R&D projects and the SME Instrument Phase 1 has been submitted with the result of the award “Seal of Excellence” for the first-class innovative ideas. Now, we are working on the repeated project submission within SME Instrument Phase 1 and we have already started to prepare innovation project for Phase 2. Please, keep your fingers crossed for us!

wide range of decontamined
pollutants and odorous substances

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